The Road Monotype

The Road Monotype 11"x16" on BFK 2012

The Road Monotype 11″x16″ on BFK 2012


Inspiration on the way to the grocery store!

Sometimes images appear that are too beautiful to not capture! This picture was taken with a camera phone and is now the inspiration for a new series of prints I am making! My son actually took it while we were dashing to the grocery store. Between the poor camera quality and the intense sky it provides a stunning start to a print!

Kansas sky at sunset

New Images

Here are the current images I am working on for my weekend Printmaking class at the Kansas City Art Institute. These pictures were taken on the way to the grocery store one night. This reinforces my belief that beauty and intriguing images are constantly around us if we take the time to stop, look and study.

Kansas Sunset dark sky bright horizon. 75th and Belinder

thank you

Friends thank you for the likes! This is a new blog and I seem to have a few glitches I am working to solve. I appreciate you checking this post out and hope to post more work  and image notes soon. Please return again, asI have many more prints to post:) My printmaking instructor said these prints need to be out in the world so here it goes!